Tryout Requirements

Tryout Requirements for Bulldog Sports

All necessary paperwork must be turned in or you will not be allowed to stay for practice 
5. Athletic Policy:
  • Be in attendance for a major portion of the school day (three instructional periods) on the day of the tryout and tryout clinics. 
  • Candidates who are suspended during tryouts and tryout clinics will be unable to participate.
  • Students passing the sixth or seventh grade by promotion are considered as having met the requirements for academic eligibility for the first semester.
  • Students in seventh and eighth grade must be passing ALL classes with a 60% or better at the end of first semester in order to be eligible for second semester sports.
  • Students must continue to score 60% or better in all classes in order to continue to stay eligible for sports.
  • Have less than 3 behavior infractions, resulting in after school detention, in school suspension, or out of school suspension in the 3 weeks leading up to tryouts.
  • For sports starting at the start of the year we will look at the last 3 weeks of the previous school year.