Athletic Department Behavioral Policies
  1. Do not embarrass your team or our Athletic Department.
  2. All Greenwood School District 50 policies will be followed and enforced.
  3. Student athletes must travel to and from all out of town contests as a team.  Only the Athletic Director or the head coach may give permission for this policy to be waived in advance.
  4. Any student athlete who is suspended from school may not practice with the team for the duration of the suspension and must sit out the next athletic contest.  In addition, they may not travel with the team or sit with the team during the game.  Two suspensions and they will be removed from the team.
  5. If a student has ISS, they must sit out a minimum of 1/2 of the next contest.
  6. If an athlete is late for practice, they will be required to stay late and do extra work.
Academic Requirements
Academic requirements for students enrolled in the seventh and eighth grades are:
  1. Students passing the sixth or seventh grade by promotion are considered as having met the requirements for academic eligibility for the first semester.
  2. Students in grades seven and eight must be doing satisfactory work at the end of first semester, in order to be eligible for second semester.  Satisfactory work is defined as passing three out of four core academic classes.