Teacher of the Year

If she hasn’t been at Brewer the longest, she’s mighty close! Even after retiring last year, Mrs. Yolanda Pendergrass is back for more. When asked why, she simply stated, “Because I love my job!” The truth is, everyone who comes into contact with Yolanda leaves with no doubt about that love. 

Mrs. Pendergrass has been a leader among the faculty of BMS for many years. She acts as a cluster leader (mama for some!), she has mentored many new teachers along the way, and she has always managed to maintain a level of trust and respect from her colleagues.She can be counted on for good advice, a big smile and contagious laugh, or one of her enormous hugs when one of her team is down. She is also the most organized of the organizers in our whole entire school--planning multiple field trips, fundraisers, and after school activities all at the same time while juggling being a wonderful teacher to her students and wife and mother at home! I will never know where she gets all the time or all the energy, but Yolanda Pendergrass DOES IT ALL!!


Mrs. Pendergrass makes a difference in her classroom in so many ways. She has built so many meaningful relationships with her students over the years that it is not at all uncommon to run into one who has grown up (or sometimes their parents or grandparents) that just has to hug her and give an update on his or her life. She provides a sense of love and safety in her room that her students never forget. She is also not afraid to try new things with her academic instruction. While many teachers get comfortable with their old ways, Mrs. Pendergrass gets excited to find a new way to deliver an old lesson that will bring engagement and fun to her classroom!

Mrs. Pendergrass’s most notable contribution to Brewer Middle School would be her creation of the student club GLENAS’S Girls. While many of her colleagues have jumped in to help out with the club, Mrs.Pendergrass is the one with the brilliant idea to create a club for middle school girls that promotes self-love and service in the community and to name this club after an admired Greenwood District 50 educator, Mrs. Glenas Green. The hours she spends planning events, projects, lessons, and experiences for these girls are far too many to begin to add up over the years!


Outside of school, Mrs. Pendergrass works with her church’s youth. She also plans activities and lessons full of love and the word for these young people.


To know her is to love her! It is hard to describe exactly what makes Mrs. Yolanda Pendergrass so amazing because, quite honestly, it is everything! She treats each and every person she meets as a friend and would go out of her way time and again to help someone in need. She is a true servant to our students, to her colleagues, and to the Lord. Her heart is larger than life and everyone who knows her can attest to this fact!